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Celli-Festék Manufacturing and Distribution Limited Liability Company, its brief name Celli-Festék Co. Ltd., is a Hungarian owned company in 100 %.

Its predecessor was founded in 1980 as a branch workshop of „Sághegyalja” Agricultural Cooperative. At the beginning it produced and distributed pesticides, wood wound treating agent and insecticide. From 1983, production of wagon paints commenced to Hungarian State Railways. Besides the wagon paints, the Celli wood protection thin transparent paint was introduced for public usage and also the paint became known under the brand name “Cellkolor”. Changes began in the area of paint production at the beginning of the 1990s.

We started production of paint binder in the frame of a new development, which was preceded by a significant investment of hot technology. From 1992, production of alkyd typed resin started, on the one hand for own utilisation and on the other hand for resale. The brand name Cellkolor was replaced by Celli and Celli M. A manufacturing co-operation was established with the Hungarian- Varnish Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and we produced burning enamel for Tractor Factory of Minsk based on orders, in the frame of paid work.

Since 2003 our production has been added with solvent manufacturing and distribution. Our paid work orders have been extended by a further development and we also produced water-based paint for industrial purpose, to MÁV Cargo.


New products

  • BauColor urethane alkyd based weather resistant paint
  • BauColor reactive surface treatment and corrosion preventing primer
  • BauColor urethane alkyd based corrosion preventing primer
  • BauColor polyurethane dispersion weather resistant finish
  • BauColor wood protecting and impregnating primer
  • BauColor wood protecting weather resistant thin transparent paint

Solvent paints

  • Enamels
  • Corrosion preventing paints

Aqueous products

  • Slate-and basement paint
  •  Adhesion bridge
  •  BauColor polyurethane dispersion weather resistant finish

Wood protecting and improving materials

  • Celli linseed oil
  • Linseed oil varnish
  • BauColor wood protecting and impregnating primer
  • BauColor wood protecting weather resistant thin transparent paint


  • Household thinners
    • Celli lacquer benzine
    • L-99 synthetic thinner
    • Oil paint thinner
    • Aromatic thinner
    • Ester thinner
    • Celli nitro
    • Nitro thinner
    • Farmer light
    • Benzine stain remover
    • Washing liquid
  • Insudtrial thinners
    • Epoxy thinner 2174
    • Polyurethane thinner 1944
    • V-73 thinner
    • Benzine degreasing agent
    • Benzine combined degreasing agent
    • Xilol thinner

Other products

  • Alkyd resins
  • Stand oils

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